Help Mercy Abound
Each QuickHitter Sponsorship PROVIDES 246 MEALS through Food for the Poor.

Co-Marketing Sponsorships PROVIDE 2952 MEALS each!!!


One of the ways we keep our lever leveraging is to offer our research, development, engineering and management expertise to individuals, businesses and charitable institutions who need technology modernization, product management and program ideation assistance.  

And...before we say anything more, let's make one thing very clear:  

We are 100% committed to building BRIDGES of friendship with our neighbors, NOT WALLS. So...

$10 of every sponsorship hour goes 

directly to Food for the Poor

Each and every sponsorship hour provides:

At least 246 INDIVIDUAL MEALS FOR A CHILD or adult caregiver 


All around the world...even right at America's the Caribbean Basin and other nearby countries...simply because they have... no... food... to... eat... 

NONE... ZERO....  

Without Food for the Poor, they die.  

At least ONE MORE HAS DIED since you began reading this page.

Is it any wonder that they and their families clamor to the US borders and risk everything just to grab the scraps from what is, by comparison, a never-ending feast in a land of overwhelming plenty?

Is it any wonder that, once across the border, they will do just about anything to avoid ever going back to deadly hunger again?

This is where Food for the Poor HELPS MERCY ABOUND by not only stopping people from dying in the immediate present, but also encouraging mutually beneficial international immigration and trade practices in the long run.

Even at a phenomenally minimaly cost per meal, Food for the Poor offers 

A HAND UP, NOT A HAND OUT by providing agricultural training and enterprise start-up assistance to break the cycle of poverty and give folks a chance to fend for themselves.  They are one of the most efficient and most effective charitable organizations in the United States today.

Even if you choose not to buy a Sponsorship:


With this in mind... let's talk a bit more about how your Sponsorships Help Mercy Abound right here at BigBlueLever.

We can provide as little as one hour of time for very small projects, second opinions, ball park estimates, sanity checks, quick brainstorming sessions, etc.

And we can scale up to very large projects covering a wide array of skills and techniques for just about any Information Technology related endeavor.  These take a bit of time to put together and will require a coordinating CoMarketing Sponsorship arrangement as detailed below.

Most commonly, however, we serve sponsors requiring a few hours a month of our assistance who either cannot afford or do not desire to utilize larger allocations of our time and talent.

CoMarketing Sponsorships

We offer co-marketing sponsorships @ $1200/year. These sponsorships may be bought in any multiple up to the maximum available and each will entitle the individual or organizational holder to one hour of our consulting attention per month. If the holder needs 10 hours of help each month, then they should sign up for 10.  Each sponsorship of this type will also entitle the holder to a hot, branded cross-link on our Mercy Bridge.  At present, there are 320 cross-link spots available on the Bridge, all of which may be purchased below.

QuickHitter Sponsorships

Quick-hitter sponsorships may be purchased in any amount and must be blocked in multiples of one to five. Each single-use sponsorship entitles the holder to one consulting hour. All hours in one block must be used contiguously over the course of one or two consecutive business days and can be scheduled with as little as 48 hours notice based on the overall availability of spots.  Sponsors who purchase 12 or more sponsorships within one rolling 12-month period will be allocated a hot, branded cross-link spot on our Mercy Bridge for each multiple of 12 purchased.  Any number may be purchased below.

Gift Sponsorships

Please remember, that sponsorships you purchase may be given as gifts to registered 501.3.c organizations and any international equivalents as long as they are engaged in acts of mercy and are not listed on either the OFAC list or any international equivalents.  You may also give them back to us and we will use the time to build new capabilities, apps, products and services for use and distribution here at

Standard Consulting Hours

Our current consulting hours range from 17:00 to 23:00 Monday through Friday and 11:00 to 23:00 Saturday Eastern Time.  Sunday is dedicated to our own internal work for improving both this site and any related apps or products.

Should sponsorship demand increase, we shall shift more and more Standard Consulting Hours toward regular core US business hours and add capacity to handle any significant increases in load.

Please Help Mercy Abound:  

SCROLL DOWN AND BUY as many sponsorships as you wish TODAY!

CoMarketing Sponsorship -- Each provides at least 2952 MEALS through Food for the Poor -- Buy as many as you wish. Each is good for one standing hour of consulting per month + one cross-marketing spot on our Mercy Bridge. Both features are good for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.
QuickHitter Sponsorship - Each provides at least 246 MEALS through Food for the Poor -- Buy as man as you wish. Please note: scheduling is limited to blocks of 5 at one time; once blocked and scheduled, all consulting hours within one block must be used contiguously over the course of one or two consecutive work days.