Help Mercy Abound


MercyMe is up, the Titusville, FL pilot for JammieCakes is ready to staff and we are putting together a Kickstarter for CAM4House.  Watch this space, Mercy is marching.
MercyMe launched Feb. 5, 2017 as a twitter driven service with an ongoing program development component. This is our first POP Mercy service and covers Spiritual Act of Mercy #7 (SAM7): To pray for the living and the dead.   We believe its good practice to start at the bottom of the spiritual acts list and work our way up: More salt, more light, less heat for "theosplaining." 

Since this is twitter-based, the full description can be found at:

We offer up a big thank you to both AngelaMary of Holy Sprit Mims for the name and Mother Mary for gracefully inspiring AngelaMary on the spot and at the point of need.
JammieCakes is currently in Pilot Recruitment mode for Titusville/Mims FL only. Full details can be found at  For very detailed information or to get involved now, Contact Us.

The metaphor for this services is a Bee Hive.

This service is modeled after St. Teresa of Kolkatta's Design from the Missionaries of Charity and can be coordinated with such orders or other charitable institutions.  It has been modified to be fully staffed and operated by laypeople in slightly more afluent contexts.  The point is to listen, learn and help, but not to apologize unless asked, just as St. Teresa did when she started out.

If you think of teams of 3Bees going out into the field to find "nectar" which they deliver to the "hive" via twitter so that Combers "at home" can pick up on items that catch their interest or expertise or hearts and turn them into honey combs which are then physcially delivered back to the field where the 3Bees help coordinate the delivery to their neighbors in need of merciful nourishment, AND meanwhile, a portion of the nectar is also sent off to the "hives" at Food for the Poor to nourish even needier neighbors there, that will pretty much sum it up for you.

Sponsorships -- If you have a program, project, app, service, IoT application, etc. which you would like us to help with, sign up for sponsorship hours. If you would like to donate hours to another charitable organization or done them back to us, you can do that too. At the 12 hour level, we will cross link with your organization for co-marketing purposes. Together, we can Help Mercy Abound.