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MercyMe has already soft launched, but today, Feb. 5, 2017, we make it official and give it the "Mercy Me" moniker. We offer up a big thank you to both AngelaMary of Holy Sprit Mims for the name and Mother Mary for gracefully inspiring AngelaMary on the spot and at the point of need.

Go to for more details

This is our first POP Mercy service and covers Spiritual Act of Mercy #7 (SAM7): 

To pray for the living and the dead.  

We believe its good practice to start at the bottom of the spiritual acts list and work our way up: 

More salt, more light, less heat for "theosplaining."

We make use of the #MAMMA tag on twitter, which we administer at  #MAMMA stands for "Mary, Assumed Mother, Mediatrix, Attend."  This, in turn, is an abbreviation of the entire Hail Mary prayer. So when you offer up one of these tweets it goes to both Mary and to our warriors. If you want to follow it up with a full Hail Mary, be our guest.  The more prayers, the better, because Mary has already made it known that some of her Graces do not flow from her hands simply because we do not ask for them. We are currently developing sweeper filters and apps to pick out any tweets that starts with: #MAMMA Pray4Me for our Militia Immaculatta Prayer Warriors to handle.  Our warriors will pray and, if possible and appropriate, lend assistance or retweet to others who have more specialized capabilities.  

We are always looking for both prayer requests and warriors, so please go to at for more details.

The JamieCakes Pilot for Titusville/Mims FL is also ready to staff as of Feb 5, 2017!  For even more information or to sign up NOW, Contact Us.

The metaphor for this services is a Bee Hive.

This service is modeled after St. Teresa of Kolkatta's Design for the Missionaries of Charity and can be coordinated with such orders or other charitable institutions. It has been modified to be fully staffed and operated by laypeople in slightly more affluent contexts. The point is to listen, learn and help, but not to apologize unless asked, just as St. Teresa did when she started out.

If you think of teams of 3Bees going out into the field to find "nectar" which they deliver to the "hive" via twitter so that Combers "at home" can pick up on items that catch their interest or expertise or hearts and turn them into honey combs which are then physcially delivered back to the field where the 3Bees help coordinate the delivery to their neighbors in need of merciful nourishment, AND meanwhile, a portion of the nectar is also sent off to the "hives" at Food for the Poor to nourish even needier neighbors there, that will pretty much sum it up for you.

The information below is also available at

Our first POPTeam oriented service called "JammieCakes" is currently in Pilot Recruitment mode for Titusville/Mims FL only.

This is a fairly simple concept, but a very powerful service, because it is modeled after St. Teresa of Kolkata's Design for the Missionaries of Charity and has been adapted to be fully run by lay volunteers in a slightly more affluent social contexts.

It is also designed to work as a cooperative arm of such orders and other charitable groups, should the needs arise. Initially, we will deploy numbered JammieCakes Teams known as 3Bee teams, because they will go out as groups of three "bees" to areas of the local metroplex where the most merciful assistance is anticipated and/or our Church population is least represented. As time goes on, we will deploy to more areas as team muster and metroplex demand expands.

Teams will carry with them: A lock box, a folding table, four chairs, sticky notes, pens, at least one working smartphone, some JammyCakes supplies (rice cakes, grape jam, bags, napkins) an #RJP poster, a #MAMMA Pray4Me poster, a #MAMMA THX poster, a JammieCakes poster explaining what a JammieCake is, the fact that $1 per JammieCake will go to Food for the Poor and the pricing: 2 for $5, 6 for $10, 14 for $20 [generosity breeds generosity].

The team will have one captain and all members will rotate among the roles: Greeter, Sweeper and Runner. The Greeter greets people, gives general explanations and asks the key question, "How may we best pray for you?". The Sweeper listens to detailed stories and prayer requests and helps people write and put up sticky notes on one of the #RJP (Righteousness, Justice and Peace) Issues and Ideas poster, the #MAMMA Pray4Me requests or the #MAMMA THX. The Runner will transfer the sticky note information to #BigBlueLever tweets for #RJP notes, #MAMMA tweets for #MAMMA notes from both #MAMMA posters, and make runs for extra supplies should the team run low.

JammieCakes Combers will "stay home in the hive and make honey" by sweeping the #BigBlueLever feed at This is where we will use the power of both social media and crowdsourcing. Certain posts will appeal to certain Combers, but no one Comber will need to process all of them. Some Combers will pray, some will provide assistance and some will "know a guy or gal" who can help. The Combers will then coordinate with the appropriate 3Bee teams to ensure the correct acts of charity make it to the corresponding neighbors in need. All will follow up with the neighbors helped as necessary and document progress, next steps, add-ons, closures, etc. using #BigBlueLever. To keep tweets filterable and orderly, they will have the following format: #BigBlueLever #3Bee[team-number] #RJP 4[initials-or-name-of-neighbor] [need, process step, action, etc.].

Additional support for ancillary communication channels will also be developed over time.