Help Mercy Abound

About Us

What would happen if...

Fulcrum of Infinite Strength held

 A Lever of Infinite Length that perfectly served

 A Hand of Infinite Force? IS the answer!

We help everyone grow LEGS on their good intentions and operationalize their encouraging words, so that together we may all:

     Help Mercy Abound!

Ultimately, we HELP EVERYONE BE HAPPY by enabling each other to:

    Love as much as possible,

    Earn as much as possible,

    Give as much as possible, and 

    Save on expenses as much as possible.

Or simply:     

    Be Mary and Be Merry!

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As noted, we believe the way to ultimate happiness for everyone everywhere on our shared planet Earth can be simply stated as:

Be Mary and be Merry!

Accordingly, we believe that our greatest successes will be met and our greatest accomplishments made when all of us, not unlike Mary:

Help Mercy Abound!

So, we return our idiomatic question of ideation, imagination and inception:

What WOULD happen if a Fulcrum of Infinite Strength held Lever of Infinite Length that perfectly served a Hand of Infinite Force?

Just imagine what miracles may manifest and what dreams may come when we dream this dream with Dreamer of Dreams, himself!

So, we offer to all our brothers and sisters of the human family: 

The Hand of Treble Blessing to press The Arm of Present Help fastened to The Rock of the Catholic Church.

We are Catholic, because our founder, Grant Shull finally came home to the Catholic Church after fifty years of life and he has been increasingly the happiest person he has ever been, ever since.

Because we are Catholic, we are not now and we shall never be a closed loop or a community in a bubble.  

We sincerely believe we follow THE PATHWAY to Eternal Happiness because the way we follow leads through the real and present and helpful Jesus; because this same Jesus tells us he is the path and the gateway and the eternal home at the end; and because this same Jesus gave Pope St. Peter: The keys to the gate, the lamp to light our travels home along the path, the directions for charitably feeding us along the way and the Holy Spirit, Our Paraclete, to keep us from losing the keys, extinguishing the light or running out of rations although we travel as the group of woefully sinful and inadequate human beings which we freely acknowledge ourselves to be.

By this same token, we cannot afford to be exclusive in our charitable actions, because the articles of Faith, Hope and Charity informing our belief about the pathway also tell us that Jesus says we are not allowed to keep it to ourselves. 

In fact, the Fourth Mystery of the Sorrowful Rosary teaches us we CANNOT accomplish our mission of mercy and finish our journey home without inviting misplaced members of our own flock and, more importantly, others from outside our faith tradition to join us in our success.  We cannot bear the cross we carry alone and we cannot extinguish Jesus' thirst for more and more and more family flock members at his house-party-at-the-gate-of-infinity without constantly inviting more and more and more people to join us along our pilgrim way.

As such, we are commanded by Jesus to constantly reach out to others who do not share either our faith tradition or our mission objectives.  Sadly, this is a task we have not always been good at, especially in modern times.

This IS the primary problem we intend to fix. 

Then, we can begin to fix the problems you help us to define and solve.

In turn, we hope we will all receive blessings along the way which we cannot even begin to fathom.

We are a commercial enterprise, but we are not based on capitalistic principals.

Rather we use the guiding principles of Charitable Subsidiary Collectivism which drove the early Church, which informs our Pope today and which, through our enterprise, we hope shall inspire other Entrepreneurs, World Government Leaders and Just Plain Folks to follow.

And, BTW, when say, "we hope," we mean, "we act."

We act on the certainty Our Lord Jesus, Our Mother Mary and, indeed, the whole Holy Trinity and All the Company of Heaven will bless our efforts to obey his loving command, follow her graceful guidance and establish their collectively unified merciful intentions as we deploy into our local communities and become active participants in the charitable work Jesus has already directed us to do.

We may not know the forms or features of the blessings, but we hope for certain we shall all share in their benefits.

We also hope to inspire folks, not unlike ourselves, with practical solutions for more effective, more merciful and more just administrative patterns as modeled by Mary, our Assumed Mother, who acts as Mediatrix of all graces on all our behalves, solicitously Attending our every need by distributing timely and super-abundant Graces to us from the infinite storehouses of Jesus, her Son, Our Brother and Lord in her fervent and ever-present mission to slake His Thirst for our charity and for our dearly beloved souls.

Following the example not only of Jesus, but also of our recently sainted Mother Teresa of Kolkata:

We do not despise anyone either the ethical accumulation of wealth or the honestly industrious establishment of high personal net worth.

In fact, we believe that such fruits of industrious, mutually beneficial labor are included in the words Jesus uses to cap the Sermon on the Mount by exhorting us to let our light shine before all, that all may see our good works, and glorify our Father who is in heaven as chronicled in Matthew 5:16.

Extending our example, we ask each and every person on planet Earth, who is blessed with sustainable wealth, not unlike Jesus, to follow him "...who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be used to his own advantage; rather, ...[he] made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant...made in human likeness…."

By doing so, we hope each of us will fully embrace our shared human likeness, awaken our innate Godly image and serve others by "making ourselves nothing” by emptying the excess wealth of our coffers into freely given, unqualified gifts for charitable purposes without reserve or caveat.

We also ask that each and every one of us, regardless of our progress toward a sustainably wealthy state, organize our lives around our guide word "LEGS" as detailed in Michael Hunt's allegorical novel:

Life's Greatest Lesson 


In conjunction, we hope each of us will follow a process, not unlike the one fleshed out by Michael Kelly, in his true life chronicle and exhortation for becoming the-best-possible-version-of-ourselves:

Resisting Happiness 


We hope we all shall:

 Love as much as we can, 

 Earn as much as we can, 

 Give as much as we can, and 

 Save on expenses as much as we can.

We ask this, because we believe this is what Jesus has directed us all, to do, without exception.

We ask this, because Mary unceasingly reminds us of the fact that, not unlike herself, we are all most blessed and made fully happy when we follow Jesus' directions solicitously (which BTW means "like a doting mother").


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